The Curlsys hair cutting technique is a method used to create curls and shape the hair in a natural way. It was developed by Brian McLean and is based on the idea of cutting the hair in individual sections rather than larger sections.

The Curlsys technique utilizes special scissors designed to cut the hair at an angle and at different lengths. This creates internal layers and helps define the natural curls of the hair, allowing each section to move independently.

The Curlsys cut is suitable for different hair types, including curly, wavy, and straight hair. It helps reduce unwanted volume, eliminate the triangle effect, and provide a more balanced and defined look.

Vern Intelligent Scissors

The members of the research group have years of experience in the beauty industry, which makes the research group one of Vern’s prides. Each member of the research group understands what the client needs and knows that, to create a work of art, not only is technique important, but also the tools are essential.

A haircut with both hands can create a perfect and symmetrical hairstyle. A contrasted hairstyle can impress many people and become the center of attention. This is the spirit of Vern Beauty Academy, which has existed for so long.

My goal is to provide clients with a perfect haircut. Vern allows me to develop various techniques, making it easier for me to achieve a higher level of perfection each time.

multiintelligent scissors


The art of color the hair  have being grown trough the years, giving us a large range of possibilities and combinations, from just a rootage till global color, from balayage till reverse low colors, from deep of intense contrast till face framing like money peace , Scandinavian blond , and many more  .

 Of course having in consideration that we are working with a living material, which is influenced by internal of external factors, pushing us to adjust the analysis and measure for each and individual client, and also there specific needs in there daily lifestyle. 


Japanese Hair Straightening is a chemical treatment we use to permanently straighten the hair. Unlike other temporary methods, this procedure restructures the natural shape of the hair, making it straight in a lasting way.

It is important to note that Japanese Hair Straightening has long-lasting results, usually lasting from six months to a year, depending on hair growth. However, it is necessary to care for and properly maintain the hair after the treatment. We recommend avoiding frequent washing, the use of products with sulfates and sodium chloride, and protecting the hair from excessive heat and UV rays.

The Super Perm : Where the creativity meets the technology

SUPERCURL® is an innovative concept for permanent waves and styling, a masterful creation by the renowned Brian McLean.

This revolutionary technique harnesses the natural properties of the hair to create dynamic movement, resulting in waves, volume, and curls that look surprisingly natural. It provides stylists and industry professionals with a platform that promotes their creative individuality, enabling them to support and create trendy and forward-thinking looks.

Celebrating the curl, SUPERCURL® declares: Long live the curl!

Brazilian keratin

Is a hair treatment used to straighten and smoothen the hair. It is particularly popular in Brazil and has spread to other countries due to its effective results.

Keratin is a fibrous protein that naturally occurs in the hair, skin, and nails. It is responsible for the strength and structure of the hair. However, factors such as heat, chemicals, and environmental damage can weaken the keratin, resulting in brittle, damaged hair that is prone to frizz.

The Brazilian keratin treatment involves the application of a solution that contains keratin and other nourishing ingredients to the hair. The solution is then sealed into the hair using heat, typically with a flat iron. The heat helps the keratin adhere to the hair and seal it, resulting in smoother, softer, and more manageable hair.

Hair extensions

When I started years ago with the hair extensions work, I did with Great Lengths back in time was the most advance and renumbered brand , of course they keep there standards of quality and innovation, but like other aspect of our hairdresser world , it have being passing for a big transformation, today we have a lot of options like before in brands of techniques, which goes from a simple clip-on hair till 1 on 1  hair , which put every individual hair with especial equipment and products to provide the best and natural results.

Nevertheless our clients use the hair extensions just for a regular results like extra volume of a color accent, perhaps and extra length in there locks , of just a little longer for especial occasion . It’s always a playful treatment which requires good care at home and also  the daily beauty routine. 

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